Right now, could you find all of your vital medical information in 30 seconds or less?

Do you remember every detail of your current & medical history?

In a health crisis (where you can't speak for yourself), would a family member or friend be able to provide medical details for a new or emergency room doctor?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, our MEDICAL BINDER is what you NEED!

YES, I Need This! 

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Live worry-free about being treated properly in an emergency situation (when you are too sick to inform doctors about current and past medical history)

Create an easy and reliable organization system for all of your medical information and paperwork

Meet new doctors with confidence and quickly provide and reference your health information details

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The Ultimate System to Effortlessly Organize Your Medical Information Into ONE EASY-TO-ACCESS Place!

25 unique medical binder templates plus bonus Emergency Medical Information Forms, Daily Medication Tracker Chart, Symptom Tracker Chart, this is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE Chronic Illness Medical Binder you will find.

*You know you need to get your medical information organized, but the colossal amount just paralyzes you with overwhelm.  

*You worry that your medical conditions and history is so complex that it would be nearly impossible to quickly relay all of it in an emergency situation. Which distresses you that in a medical emergency, you might not get the exact treatment you need.  

*You're anxious at every doctor's appointment because your memory is unreliable.  

*You get so emotional at doctor's appointments that your feelings get in the way of effectively communicating vital medical information. Will your doctor think your incompetent or a hypochondriac?

 What if you found an EASY and RELIABLE system to keep track and organize all your health information? 

* A system that would once and for all gather your medical history in one easy to grab-and-go place (never have to scramble again.)  

* A time-saver tool that gives you a logical way to categorize and file future medical information.  


Walk into your next doctor’s appointment with confidence knowing you have everything you need at your fingertips. Your memory is no longer your enemy.  

Breathe a sigh of relief that in a medical emergency where you are too sick to relay vital medical details yourself, a family member or friend could quickly relay it for you.

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 REAP the BENEFITS of having an EASY and RELIABLE system to ORGANIZE and KEEP TRACK of ALL your medical information.


You can easily feel overwhelmed with the shear amount of medical information. The Chronic Illness Medical Binder provides a quick and simple way to keep track of all of it.


With many chronic and mental illnesses, your memory and cognitive ability can be affected which decreases your ability to advocate for the health care you need and relay the right information so your conditions can be managed successfully.


If you have this specially designed Medical Binder filled with every detail (past and present) about your health, you can relax and know that all of your vital health information can be quickly referenced by yourself, doctors, or caregivers.


Having a solid organizational system for all of your health information and records in place helps you to get the right treatment you need--when you need it.

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Having lived with both chronic and mental illness most of my life, I got fed up with letting my medical conditions dominate my well-being and happiness.  

I made a decision to become a proactive problem-solver and create solutions and resources to help me live the best life possible. I learned to be creative and strategic to find better ways to handle the challenges and limitations of my diagnoses.  

I share these resources and printables with everyone in my Chronic Illness Warrior Life community.  

Organizing and keeping track of all your medical information is vital for you to receive the best medical treatment possible.  

The Chronic Illness Medical Binder was created exactly for this purpose!  

With over 30+ unique medical binder templates plus BONUS Emergency Medical Information Forms, Daily Medication Tracker Chart, Symptom Tracker Chart, and 4 different mood/symptom trackers for Anxiety, Depression, and Bipolar Disorder, this is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE Medical Binder you will find.  

Having all of your important medical information in one place, organized, and somewhere easily accessible will allow you to grab-n-go in medical emergencies as well as docotr appointments.  

My mission at Chronic Illness Warrior Life is to help you live your best life possible. I want to help make your life easier so that you can experience more peace and joy. 

Over 25+ Unique Printable Medical Templates (that you can't find anywhere else)

  • Basic Medical Information (Quick-Reference) Cover Sheet
  • List of Current Mediations
  • Present State of Health (all current diagnonses and treating physicians)
  • Health History (Quick-Reference) 
  • Detailed Health History (for each illnesses or significant event)
  • Medication History
  • Diagnosis (Quick-Reference)
  • Diagnoses (in-depth details)
  • Surgeries (Quick-Reference)
  • Surgery (Details & Notes)
  • Hospitalizations (Quick-Reference)
  • Hosptializations (Details & Notes)
  • Procedures (Quick-Reference)
  • Procedures (Details & Notes)
  • Side Effects (Quick-Reference)
  • Side Effects (Details & Notes)
  • Symptoms (Quick-Reference)
  • Symptoms (Details & Notes)
  • Doctors Visit Summary &Notes
  • Test Results
  • Dividers for Each Category
  • Daily Medication Tracker Chart
  • Daily Symptom Tracker Chart
  • Anxiety Mood &Symptom Tracker
  • Depression Mood &Symptom Tracker
  • Bipolar Mood &Sympton Tracker
  • Emergency Medical Information Forms


With your purchase, you get LIFE-TIME updates of any changes or additions to the Medical Binder. You also receive 3 separate Medical Binder files in 3 different color variations!

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I've been struggling to remember everything from each of my doctor's visits, so this Medical Binder has been a huge lifesaver for me. I now have everything in one easily accessible location and can refer back to it whenever I need.  

I especially love having the Symptoms and Side Effects section as we are currently trying to find the right medications and dosages to get me back to a healthier state. Having the Medical Binder with me at my appointments makes it far easier for both my physician and me to go back and know what has worked in the past and what hasn't so that we can strategically plan the best course of treatment.  

This Medical Binder is exactly what I needed and a must-have for every Chronic Illness Warrior. --Tammy

What Medical Binder TEMPLATES Do You Get?


photo of a lady


The medical binder is so helpful in organizing all of your health information. As those of us with chronic illnesses, that can be a chore! I have found it to be so helpful in making my doctor appointments easier, because I have all my information right there with me. -Terri

Here is the Easy Way to Print Your MEDICAL BINDER . . .

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The best health care advocate besides yourself is a personal medical information organizer also known as a medical binder. If you live with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, or any other autoimmune disease, there are vital things to include in medical binder to keep track of your health. Specific medical binder templates and printables that are extremely helpful are ones for personal medical history, diagnoses, symptoms, side effects, medications, procedures, and hospitalizations.

Not sure yet? At least don't leave empty-handed! 

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